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Pet Doctor in Namkum, Ranchi

Looking for a Veterinary Doctors in the Namkum area? Dr. Ajoy is a well-known Vet Doctor offering treatment services for dogs and cats.  When a pet comes into your life, the very first thing that you should set your eyes on is looking for a good veterinary doctor. Once you find a vet, you are sanguine in the belief that your pet’s health will be taken care of. However, merely finding a pet doctor just isn’t good enough. You have got to be sure that he’s one of the best in business, if not the best.

You find one such vet in Dr. Ajoy, trusted and relied upon by many pet owners in Namkum, Ranchi. Driven by the motto of extending heartfelt care to your pets, Dr. Ajoy offers caring and affectionate treatment to your valued pets.

Dr. Ajoy has all the qualities that you would look for in a good veterinary doctor, namely, compassion, communication skills and decision-making skills. Let’s look into how possessing these qualities to make Ajoy a really good and capable veterinary doctor.

  • Compassion– Ajoy is very particular about being compassionate towards the animals he’s treating. He treats each one of them with a lot of kindness, love and respect. He’s also sensitive about the feelings of the owners of the pets.
  • Communication Skills– It’s a must for a vet to have strong skills at communication. That’s because he needs to discuss the recommendations he has in mind with the pet owners. Ajoy possesses such strong communication skills which makes him very popular among pet owners.
  • Decision Making Skills– As a wise and strong decision-maker, deciding on the correct course of treatment comes naturally to Ajoy. He’s never caught in a dilemma when he sees a pet suffering and is able to recommend the correct specific treatment for a certain ailment without delay.

Dr. Ajoy offers a range of services for you’re the pets you adore. Here they are-

  • Wellness: Dr. Ajoy offers stress-free and caring wellness services for your pets. He’ll patiently listen to what concerns you have, answer the questions that might be bothering you, carefully evaluate the health of your pet, and then suggest a well-thought-out wellness program for your pet.
  • Vaccinations: Dr. Ajoy has a wonderful understanding of vaccines. He makes sure that your pets are administered the core vaccines that keep them protected from diseases. He has a thorough knowledge of the schedule to be followed in administering the vaccine.
  • Dental Care: Dr. Ajoy offers complete dental care to your pet that includes cleaning, filing, adjustment, repair, or extraction. It’s important to a pet’s health as it may be the root cause behind other diseases.
  • Surgery: With excellent control over his hands, Dr. Ajoy performs key surgeries like keyhole surgery, spaying and neutering, spinal surgeries, laryngeal paralysis, amputation, cataract surgery and more.
  • Allergies: Always being alert about any symptoms that your pet might show, Dr. Ajoy is quick to gauge if your pet is suffering from any allergy. There might be symptoms like cough, sneeze, nasal congestion, frequent awakening, or more visible skin allergies like eczema, or itchy skin for which Dr. Ajoy has just the right treatment.
  • Emergency Care: There are times when your pet might need emergency care. God forbid, but if your pet suffers from ailments like lethargy, anxiety or restlessness, coughing up blood, or suffers a total collapse, you’ll have Dr. Ajoy standing by you always.

So, if you’re looking for the best care for your pet, look no farther. Dr. Ajoy at Namkum is the person to go to. You can be sure that your dog or cat or any other pet is in good hands when it’s being treated by Dr. Ajoy.