Top Veterinarians in Lalpur – Doctor Ajoy’s Dog Clinic

If you are living in or near Lalpur and are wondering where to take your dog for treatment or pet services, then you are at the perfectly correct place. You don’t need to hunt anymore for a dog doctor in the vicinity of Lalpur. Here, you will come to know of all kinds of Dog services available in Lalpur area. So, read on till the end, if you want to get your dog treated at the best place.

Dr. Ajoy is a competent veterinarian with over a decade of valuable experience in dealing with and treating all breeds of dogs. He provides his best treatment and services for dogs in the entire stretch of Lalpur and nearby areas.

Pet Services in Lalpur, Ranchi

Let us see in details what kinds of services are offered here:

Dog Vaccination

Vaccination is very crucial for your pets or dogs to keep them safe from various diseases and ensure their good health. This clinic provides your dog with 100% safe and effective vaccination doses and the entire process is carried out in a sterile environment. Vaccination can be divided into 3 stages-Primary vaccination, secondary vaccination and re-vaccination. Primary vaccination is the first stage of any vaccination. This is the first time your dogs get a particular vaccination. Secondary vaccination refers to the second dose of the same vaccination and re-vaccination means the repeat of the vaccination at a certain interval. Take a quick look at important vaccinations and their schedule.

The best part is that all the vaccinations are done here at a very affordable price.

Disease Primary Vaccination Secondary Vaccination Re-Vaccination
Canine Distemper (Puppy) At 6 weeksof age Two more doses at a gap of 2-3 weeks Every 3 years
Canine Distemper (Adult) Two doses at a gap of 3-4 weeks ________ Every 3 years
Rabies 3 months 9 months Annually
Parvo virus, Canine Hepatitis, Leptospirosis 6 weeks of age 9 weeks Every year
Parainfluenza 6-8 weeks of age 3 months of age Every 3 years
Lyme Disease 9 weeks of age 11-12 weeks of age —————

Dog surgery services

Has your dog severely wounded itself or does it need to be operated? Or do you want to neuter your pet to control unwanted breeding? Don’t worry as any kind of surgery is done in Dr. Ajoy’s clinic. His surgical expertise and operations comprises of neutering, caesarean section for delivery, Urinal Stone removal, Gastrointestinal resurrection i.e. removal of foreign bodies from the gastrointestinal system, hernia, tumor excision, pyometra surgery or Uterus removal, eye surgery, minor wound management and reconstruction, etc. So, if you are in Lalpur and your pet needs any kind of surgical treatment, you can bring it here and stay assured that it will receive the best surgery.

Treatment of Minor health issues/infection

A dog may catch a cold like humans or a viral fever. For acute or minor viral infections like common cold, flu, diarrhea, etc., you can consult your nearest Pet doctor in Lalpur. Be it fatigue or lethargy in your dog, loss of appetite, biting tendency in them, nausea or any small problem, you must go to a vet. It may not be a very evident sign but the dog may be suffering from something severe.

Skin Infections Treatment

Skin infections are too common and unavoidable in dogs. Impetigo, Ringworm, Tick and fleas, Folliculitis and Mange are some of the most common skin diseases that occur as a result of microorganisms like fungus, parasites, etc. One may get worried and be confused about how to give a dog a proper treatment for all this but a good new for all in Lalpur, all these skin infections are treated here with 100% assured results and that too at a budget-friendly cost.

Dog Training

Who doesn’t want his dog to be well-behaved and obedient? Well! To train a dog demands a profound knowledge of their psyche and methodical techniques. Only a professional can do that. If you are seeking a professional expert to train your dog, then you must contact this Dog’s clinic in Lalpur.

With a variety of services and effective solutions for Dog care and treatment, Dr. Ajoy is one of the best Pet doctors in Lalpur. By now, you have gathered the basic information of Dog services available in Lalpur and definitely, this is going to help you in search of dog services in this locality.