Veterinary Surgery in Ranchi, Jharkhand

Do you have a pet who is in need of a surgery? Are you frantically searching for a reliable veterinary surgeon, whom you can trust with the well-being of your beloved pet? Do not hesitate to contact Dr.Ajoy, who is an experienced veterinary surgeon, specialized in different kinds of surgeries performed on cats and dogs.

Cats can be very adorable and affectionate pets, as they are often very attached to their owners. However, sometimes the cats require surgeries for desexing and declawing, to improve their lifespan. Dr. Ajoy is adept at performing such elective surgeries, along with corrective surgeries, including ones required to set broken bones or correct congenital defects. When it comes to emergency surgical procedures, Dr. Ajoy is equally skilled at removing stones from the bladder, removing cancerous as well as benign tumors etc. along with a number of other surgeries. From the removal of foreign objects to the treatment of wounds and abscesses, Dr. Ajoy heals all cats with his medical acumen and experience. Dr. Ajoy also performs oral surgeries on the cat, specializing in tooth extraction operations and teeth cleaning.

When it comes to dogs, on the other hand, there is rarely a pet who is more loyal to the owner. Dr. Ajoy is also adept at operating on dogs, performing simple elective surgeries and urgent care surgeries on dogs with equal ease. If your dog is in need of spaying, neutering, tooth extraction or removal of benign tumors, Dr. Ajoyis the right veterinary surgeon to consult. Be it a case of skin lacerations or internal bleeding, Dr. Ajoy performs surgeries on dogs with the aim to restore their health as soon as possible. He also treats dogs for complicated diseases like obstructions in the intestines, fracture repair, torn cruciate, ACL ruptures, bladder stones, urethral blockages etc. Dr. Ajoy also performs surgeries to remove malignant tumors in dogs, which may lead to cancer.

Watching a beloved pet suffer can be an excruciating experience for the owner. Most people do not opt for surgeries on their pets, in fear of causing them more pain and discomfort. However, surgery is often a permanent solution to a recurring problem, which may later become life-threatening for your pet. Dr. Ajoy provides your pet with a safe and secure atmosphere, where surgeries are performed with utmost caution and care. Thus, if you have a pet in need of surgery, Do not hesitate in contacting Dr.Ajoy to ensure the safety and well-being of your pet.