Pet Doctor in Morabadi

Dr Ajoy is one of the best Veterinary doctors in Morabadi offering his decades of experience for dogs and cats.  Having a pet can indeed be a blessing for you. Not only do they make for great companions, their loyalty towards you remains unquestioned. Pets are a wonderful source of love and affection. The way they welcome you into the house after a hard day at work is absolutely delightful. Having a pet works as a stress buster, it helps strengthen immunity and it also helps deal with pangs of depression.

But having a pet brings with it a lot of responsibilities. It’s a must that you take good care of your pet and keep it healthy, fit and happy. Pets need a lot of care. You have to be on a constant lookout to make sure that your pet isn’t suffering from any disease. This is where a good vet can be of immense help. He’ll be your ‘friend, guide and philosopher’ in helping you keep your pet in good health.

About Pet Doctor in Morabadi

Meet Dr. Ajoy Kumar, a qualified veterinarian who has been taking excellent care of pets owned by people in the city of Ranchi, Jharkhand. His clinic at Morabadi is well connected with every part of the city making it easily accessible. Dr. Ajoy Kumar has a rich experience of twelve years during the course of which he has treated numerous pets with various ailments.

Be it severe trauma caused by any unfortunate accident or a simple regular checkup, you’ll always find Dr. Kumar by your side. He firmly believes that a pet needs not just treatment for what it’s ailing from, it needs utmost care and affection, a healing touch so to say. That’s exactly what your pet finds at his clinic.

Having been taking care of pets all through twelve years, Dr. Ajoy Kumar has successfully earned an excellent reputation among his peers and those who have their pets treated by him. He has been well known for his ability to provide emergency care and relief work. Here are the services that Dr. Kumar offers for the wellbeing of your pet.

  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services: For a complete and thorough wellbeing regime for your pet, Dr. Ajoy Kumar’s clinic offers excellent diagnostic and therapeutic services
  • Surgical Services: Dr. Ajoy Kumar’s clinic is well equipped to handle complex surgeries that might be necessary for your pet on certain occasions. Complicated surgeries like spaying are performed here
  • Anesthesia: The clinic has safe anesthetics available for pets and extra care is taken for the safe administration of anesthetics to older or high-risk pets. State-of-the-art equipment is used to monitor the pet during the entire anesthetic procedure
  • Radiology Services: High quality radiographs that help diagnose disorders are available with modern X-ray equipment being used at the clinic
  • Dentistry: Dental services like the cleaning of teeth and polishing, tooth extractions, dental X-rays and minor oral surgeries are also performed here with great care
  • Flea Control Programmes: Specific programmes are designed to help fight fleas that can afflict your pet. The programmes are created based on the environment in your home to suit your pet
  • Behavioural Counseling: Regular counseling is offered to correct behavioural issues like excessive barking, scratching, chewing, soiling, digging and especially aggressive behavior

If it’s complete wholesome care that you seek for your pet, you have a one-stop-shop at Dr. Ajoy Kumar’s clinic at Morabadi, Ranchi. With the personalised care that’s extended to your pet, you can be sure that a visit to the clinic is sure to help your pet no end. Dr. Ajoy Kumar approaches every pet with a lot of care and affection. With Dr. Kumar, your pet is in good hands.