Veterinary Doctor in Dhanbad

Pet ownership is not an easy task. Once you get a cat or a dog, they become a significant part of the family. Therefore, it becomes crucial to take up responsibilities and find a reliable pet clinic and a vet is one of them. Anjali Pet Clinic is in Dhanbad, Jharkhand. With a history of approximately 12 years, our clinic offers the finest pet treatment and care. Our panel of expert vet doctors and surgeons are experts in treating your furry friends. Pets are great mood readers and can be your best friend. Therefore, if you give proper attention and good care, they will be the most loyal company of your life. So, always choose the best for them with us.

Dog & Cat Doctor in Dhanbad

Among the other branches, our Dhanbad branch is easy to reach from any corner of the city. Moreover, here you will get all the latest treatments required for the better health of your pet friend. This has made us one of the most reputed vet clinics in the city. Our dog or cat doctor in Dhanbad is experienced and has almost every solution for your pet. From the right treatment to proper nutrition, he can help with anything. Furthermore, he is also a renowned vet surgeon and has experience in handling difficult vet surgeries. As we have all the latest equipment, early diagnosis of the disease becomes easy. You can check our website for feedback from our clientele regarding their experience with us.

What to expect

We understand the unspoken. Therefore, we strive to offer maximum support and love to your furry friends. Pets are highly sensitive to their surroundings. Thus, we always maintain a welcoming atmosphere in our clinic.

Good Surroundings

Pets are always aware of the surroundings they are in and can sense good or bad before anyone. Keeping that in mind, we always maintain a friendly environment inside our clinic. This makes it easy for our doctors to deal with them.

Vaccination and Treatments

Viral infections or bacterial and fungal infections can be harmful to your pets. Therefore, bring your pets to us at an early age for vaccination. As they age, their immune systems get weak, and the risk of getting infected increases. Our vaccinations include the Rabies vaccine, Lepto vaccine, Canine influenza vaccine, DHPP, Heartworm vaccines for dogs and FELV, Rabies vaccine, Heartworm, and FVRCP for cats. We offer a wide variety of treatments for them, like diarrhea, skin infection, Parvo, paralysis, and more.

Training & Nutritional Guidelines

Proper training is necessary for your pets. We offer thorough training guidelines to the owners. Moreover, you will get nutritional guidelines like foods you should give and the ones to avoid for the proper growth of your furry friends.