Top Veterinary in Hazaribagh – Best Dog & Cat Doctor

Nothing can be better than having pets to keep yourself happy inside out. However, they need equal care and proper checkups. A dog/cat doctor in Hazaribaghis all you need to keep them in good condition throughout the year. Anjali Pet Clinic is one of the renowned pet clinics in Hazaribagh. Experienced vets have been taking care of the clinic and offering proper treatment to your four-legged friends. The clinic is located at the heart of the city. Hence, it becomes easy to find the clinic and reach without any issues.

The best part is that boasting a history of ten years, it is one of the most trustworthy vet clinics. Hence, your furry friends will get the best treatment always. Besides, we all know cats and dogs are one of the dependent animals. Therefore, why not give them the best treatment? Compared to other branches, one in Hazaribag is new and has almost every arrangement for proper treatment. Our doctors use the most advanced treatments best for them. Moreover, they will also suggest the best practices for their overall health.

Do you know, that our doctors here also perform difficult pet surgeries? Besides, we focus on using advanced technologies so that early diagnosis becomes easy.

What to Expect?

Pets are most sensitive to their surroundings. Thus, we always monitor their behavior, but in a fun way. As a result, it becomes easy for them to have a relaxing time minus the panic. In the meantime, our vets take care of the treatment.

Friendly Environment

We understand pets are sensitive to their surroundings. Besides, they tend to panic when taking treatments or vaccinations. However, our doctors always have a friendly approach to them so that they can remain stress-free.

Proper Treatment & Vaccination in Hazaribagh

Pets, like humans, need proper vaccination for proper immunization from harmful viruses and bacterial infections. Dogs and cats are susceptible to various toxic viruses. Therefore, it is mandatory to immunize them. Anjali Pet Clinic provides the necessary vaccinations in Hazaribagh like DHPP, Rabies vaccine, heartworm vaccine, Lepto vaccine, Canine influenza vaccine for dogs, heartworm prevention, FELV, and Rabies vaccination for cats. We also provide treatments for diseases like tick fever, Parvo, skin infection, hypothermia, dental infection, etc.

Training and Guidelines on Nutrition

All your four-legged friend needs is the right training and proper nutrition. Therefore, our nutritionists and vets are here to guide you on food and daily habits required for healthy physical and mental growth. We guarantee that our guidelines will let your pawed friends enjoy healthy growth minus the deficiencies.