Foods to Serve Your Dog During Winter Season

So the winter season is well and truly here. You are busy planning for parties in the Christmas and new year season. All the woolens are out of the cupboards. Holiday cheer is all around.

But hey! Have you spared a thought for your furry friend? Yes, we are talking about that adorable family member – your pet dog. As a responsible pet parent, it’s your duty to ensure that the pooch is getting the best of nutrition at all times. And especially, in winter.

Food for dogs during winter season

Dogs don’t like to go out much during winters, especially if it’s snowing. This means they get less exercise, so you should feed them less compared to the summer or monsoon months. There are various factors that have a role to play in the food you choose for your dog in winter. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Choosing The Suitable Winter Food for Your Dog

  • Size of the dog – larger dogs would burn more calories compared to smaller breeds. If your dog is thinner, you can choose food with higher fat content. But do the opposite if the dog is already bordering on overweight. Also, dog breeds with more fur burn lesser calories, so choose low-fat food for them.
  • Age of the dog – younger dogs burn calories faster as they are more energetic. But older dogs do it at a much lesser rate. So, for the latter, choose food that is vitamin-rich but low in fat content. But opt for high-fat food if your dog is young.
  • Food content –you need to be cautious here. Your dog needs food that is a perfect balance of proteins, vitamins, and other nutrients. This will keep it healthy in the cold months. Also, watch out for any food that your dog is allergic to.

There are a number of options when it comes to choosing food for your dog in winter. You can get hold of off-the-shelf dog food or cook something for it. Let’s see what options you have.

Party Leftovers 

Yes, you read that right! The Christmas and new year parties will leave you with a lot of surplus food – and your dog would be eyeing a chunk of it, for sure! But yes, you need to be careful about what you are serving it. Avoid greasy and oily food, at any cost. So, keep those burgers, French fries, and other fried stuff away from your pooch as these would upset its constitution.

Wondering what to give it? The turkey is a good bet if it’s lean. It is a source of much-needed healthy proteins & nutrition for your dog. You can also go for mashed potatoes (without butter) and baked beans. You can also give it a couple of pieces of grilled chicken if you have it on the menu.

Dog Food 

Well, the choices are aplenty here. These foods come in a wide range of flavors & tastes. Select the one that goes well with your dog. You can customize it somewhat by adding more ingredients. Serve it warm and your dog will lap it up, for sure.

Chicken Stew 

This is an eternal favorite with dogs. Make a large quantity of it and serve it in smaller quantities after warming it sufficiently. Add beef or chicken pieces to water, along with some vegetables and rice. Boil the water, cool it down and serve it warm. Your dog will relish the meat chunks as it laps up the tasty broth.


Fiber-rich oatmeal is an important source of nutrients for dogs while being tasty & filling at the same time. Serve it to your dog twice or thrice a week, but don’t add milk as that might cause diarrhea to your dog. Water is a much better alternative. Also, avoid adding sugar or any artificial sweeteners. Serve it plain and simple with water. Your dog will enjoy this light and filling food.



Fish like herring tend to go down well with dogs. Rich in essential fatty acids, they help to keep the dog healthy and energized. Cook it well or grill it, remove any trace of bones, and serve it to your dog. But don’t fry the fish for serving it to your dog.

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