What is Tick Fever in Dogs and Symptoms?

Tick fever is common in dogs and is also known as Rocky Mountain spotted fever. It might not seem like a harmful disease, but it is potentially fatal. Rickettsia Rickettsii bacteria is responsible for causing the disease. A few ticks often carry these bacteria and a dog bitten by an infected tick can cause tick fever. However, the good part is this disease can be avoided with proper treatment and diagnosis.

How the bacteria infect canines?

There are multiple ways by which dogs can get infected due to ticks. One of the most common ways is by exposure to an infected tick. They get the infection from infected animals and pass it to the canines after biting them. Besides, feeding on infected animals like mice can also cause this disease.

There are two common tick fever that infect dogs- Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Ehrlichiosis. However, the deadliest one is the Rocky Mountain, which is more serious and can become fatal if left untreated. Ehrlichiosis is comparatively less harmful and can make them weak.

What are the symptoms of tick fever?

Tick fever has many seen and hidden symptoms. However, it might take more than two weeks for the dogs to show them. Besides, the symptoms vary, are diverse, and often hazy. Therefore, it might become difficult for you to understand. The best way to get them diagnosed is by taking them to a vet. Some typical symptoms of tick fever in dogs include less appetite, inflammation in the joints, breathing issues, coughing, spike in the lymph nodes, edema in the body or face, etc.

What happens in the acute condition?

A severe tick fever mostly lasts for two to three weeks. However, during this time, you must take good care of your dog. Keep them hydrated and encourage them to have enough rest throughout the day. Moreover, always stay in touch with your vet, especially if you notice any mentioned symptoms. Effective treatments for the acute phase include antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medications. In some cases, it becomes necessary to hospitalize your canine friend.

How to diagnose the condition?

Physical examination is one of the best ways to diagnose the disease. The vet will examine your pet to check for the signs and symptoms of the disease. Other signs include fever, no urge to eat, lethargy, etc. Another effective way to diagnose the condition is by conducting blood tests. It helps in detecting the presence of antibodies, which caused the infection.

Final words

Tick fever is a deadly disease and can affect dogs at any age. Therefore, if you feel your dog is not acting normally, it is best to take them to a vet to get them diagnosed as early as possible.

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