5 Reasons Why Grooming is Important for your Dog

A good number of dog owners take their dogs for grooming so that they look their best. They tend to overlook the importance of proper grooming. All people who adopt a dog must understand that grooming has a key role in their health and well-being. Lack of grooming can even affect dogs who are not long-coated. While the quantity of grooming that pooches need is based on their coat type all dogs need adequate grooming. Are you considering taking your pup to a pet store for grooming? Do you wish to groom your pet yourself? Whatever it is, you must understand the reasons for grooming your dog well.

Importance of Dog Grooming

Prevention of Fleas and Ticks

A key reason for bathing pet dogs is the prevention of fleas and ticks. Just bathing doesn’t always eliminate these nasty pests. However, it helps owners spot them. Once the owners know their presence they can remove some and visit a vet for a thorough elimination.

Maintaining a healthy Coat and Controlling Shedding

Bathing is a vital part of grooming. The use of the right bathing products helps eliminate old hair, dirt, smell, and any surplus oil from the skin.  The result is a shiny coat! Professional groomers use premium shampoos and different products for removing old hair, grime and surplus oil on the dog’s skin

Brushing has several benefits. An advantage of regular brushing of pet dogs is that they don’t need to be bathed as frequently. Moreover, it does wonders for their coat. Regular brushing boosts the blood circulation beneath the fur and promotes the growth of a healthy coat.

Eliminating Discomfort

Several pet owners presume that grooming a dog involves a fast brush followed by a bath.  This could be the case for people who groom regularly. However,a dog grooming addresses a number of things. What are they?

Some dogs grow faster and their coat must be brushed more than others. When they moult the loose hairs could get matted. They could grow into heavy bulks when not brushed regularly. Such bulky mats that form near the skin can disturb dogs. The use of a comb and brush help identify these parts when grooming. Over time, owners will spot the usual areas where these happen.

Paw Pads get matted and should be checked regularly and clipped. They harden with dirt and cause discomfort. Owners who have dogs with thicker paw hair usually don’t notice these parts.

Some dogs have hair deep inside their ear canal and they must be removed. Some dogs are susceptible to ear infections. They could require more frequent cleaning.

Overgrown nails are very problematic. Dogs with overgrown nails tend to use the sides of their paws for walking. This is uncomfortable and could lead to arthritis later on. When dog nails aren’t trimmed regularly they grow long. They could even grow into the pads and this is very painful for dogs.

Also, find out how often bathe dog to keep them fresh and healthy.

Removal of hair from areas near dogs’ eyes does more than better their appearance.  Besides irritating dogs, such hair can damage the eyes.  Regular removal of such hair maintains their health and help owners spot crusts that must be checked by a vet.

Increasing Bond Between Owners and their Pet Dog

Owners must spend time with their dogs to better their relationship. Bathing and brushing and drying the furry friends takes some time and helps in a better relationship with the owners. Regular grooming over the long run helps the pets socialize with their owners and others.

The time and effort of the owners will be rewarded. Their dog will understand that letting owners or groomers handle their body doesn’t cause pain.

Over time, dogs will love being groomed. They will find grooms and vet checks comfortable and less taxing.

Regular grooming prevents expensive procedures

Do you find your pet dog scurrying around the carpet often? The most likely explanation is that their anal glands are filling up. They can burst if not taken care of and cause immense pain to the pet. It would also be expensive for the owner. Regular grooming leaves no chances of this happening.


Regular grooming enhances the overall health of pet dogs by ensuring their good physical and mental health. Grooming boosts the circulation of dogs, boosts their muscle mass and reduces the possibility of infections. These are reasons enough to groom pet dogs regularly.

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