How to Get Rid of Dog Dandruff

You may be shocked by hearing about the dog’s dandruff. Do dog really gets dandruff too? Unfortunately, the answer is yes! There are a few reasons why your dog can get dandruff. Your dog may be something allergic to outdoors or some ingredient in your dog’s nutrition. There may be also some grooming products with chemicals that cause dandruff. Over shampooing your dog may also lead to dry skin causing dandruff.

Tips to get rid of dog dandruff using home remedies

Well, dandruff doesn’t cause hair loss directly. The flaky skin can cause itching and scratching which can injure the hair follicles resulting in some hair loss in dogs.

Here are some following tips to avoid and remove dandruff from your dogs, lets read!


You need to make sure your dog has access to hygienic water at regular time intervals. Dehydration is the main of dry skin. So it is very necessary to keep your dog hydrated. Switch your dog’s food to a more healthier and natural type. Choose nutrition that is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

This is the good kind of fat that will definitely help your dog to maintain a healthy coat and skin.


Dog hair comb

You need to brush your dog regularly and do it gently. Harsh brushing may lead to severe shedding in your dog. Gentle brushing regular will surely help to remove the flakes from your dog and distribute the natural oils uniformly throughout the coat.

While brushing you can spray some skin tonic that suits your dog’s fur. It will avoid excess shedding and prevent the skin from drying and itching. You can even spray this over the affected area for better results.


Using apple cider vinegar is a very effective way to remove dandruff from your dog’s fur. It is a natural way that will prove a boon for your dog’s skin.

You cannot apply the solution directly, you need to make a dilute solution of equal parts of vinegar and water to treat your dog’s itchy skin. You can apply it either in patches of your dog’s itchy skin or by spraying evenly on its fur. Apple cider vinegar will not only help to treat your dog’s dandruff but also help your dog to get a healthy and shiny coat. You can use a spray bottle for more easy application.


Coconut Oil

It is no surprise that coconut oil can also help to treat your dog’s dandruff. It helps in the absorption of all the healthy nutrients which in turn helps to promote overall healthy skin and fur. Coconut oil helps to increase lipid levels which act as an effective moisturizer if your dog suffers from dandruff. Coconut oil can also be given orally but it works better if applied directly to your dog’s coat. Coconut oil also contains lauric acid which also acts as a fabulous immune builder.

For good results, apply to the dog’s skin and fur and let it absorb for about 5 minutes. Do not apply excess as it may absorb the dirt and dust making the fur dirty.


how often should i bathe my adult dog

If your dog suffers from dandruff, you can bathe your dog once in a week or twice to get your dog rid of itching. Once the dandruff is permanently removed you can bathe your dog once or twice in a month. However, don’t hesitate to contact your veterinary yo confirm how often your dog should have a bath to overcome the irritation associated with dandruff.

Thus grooming is very important for your dog to keep them healthy and fit.

You need to choose gentle cleaning products for your dog. Harsh cleaners may contain toxic chemicals that may cause skin irritation and other problems for your dog. Choose the products that are fit for your dog’s fur and skin. You need to be very careful as all dogs are not the same. There are different breeds and there are specific products for them. So select the varieties that are perfect for your dog.

There are also several dog lotions just as human lotions available in the market. You can use them to keep your dog’s skin moisturized. But before using them don’t forget to consult your vet.

You can use humidifiers in your rooms if the atmosphere is too dry. The dry atmosphere may also affect your dog’s skin. 


There is no need to panic if your dog suffers from dandruff. There are several ways to cure and avoid such problems. You just need to take proper care and make sure your dog lives in a healthy environment. Consult your vet before trying out anything for your dog. Negligence may lead to several infections and problems for your canine.

Be careful and act smart! Quality products will not only keep your dog safe but also healthy, happy and strong.


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