Why Puppy Training is Important

Importance of Puppy Training

Believe it or not but basic training is very important for a Puppy in order to live a healthy and peaceful life. More importantly it build a good relation between puppy and the owner, that’s why early training is very necessary. Puppies can be the best thing that might ever come into your life. Whether you’re old or young, nothing can brighten your day as much as a little pup, and you will remember the days you spend with your puppy even when it grows up into a big and strong dog.

Importance of Puppy Training

However, even the cutest of pups need to undergo some training, so that they grow up to be responsible and well-behaved pets. Here are ten reasons why you should put your puppy in training:

Teaching basic obedience

Young puppies are usually curious about everything. Their curiosity often leads them into situations which may be dangerous, and even life-threatening. By teaching your puppy the fundamental commands that he must obey, you protect yourself as well as your pet from many situations that threaten their safety and well-being.

Increasing attention span

Puppies are generally restless and have a very low attention span. By training a puppy into increasing their attention span, you can ensure that they are not distracted easily from the task that has been assigned to them.

Creating a routine

Every pet needs to fall into a routine, in order to maintain their own health and to adjust themselves to the lifestyle of their caregivers. By creating a routine for your little pup, you provide it with the environment that is required for its all-round development. Also read diarrhea in Dogs in detail here.

Initiation of socializing process

Nobody likes a dog that barks in public places, or scares the pets of others. By initiating the socializing process of your pet through regular training, you teach them the basic code of conduct to follow in public as well as private places, so that they do not become a nuisance to others.

Decreasing fear

Small puppies are usually afraid of everything that is unfamiliar to them. This fear is sometimes carried into their later lives, making them nervous and less confident. Proper training can encourage the pups to be more accepting of new things and people, thereby making them feel a lot better by themselves.

Adjustment to home

Puppies often have a very erratic schedule, as they sleep for the most part of the day. Training the puppies in the rules of the house, such as potty training, food timings, rules for getting on furniture etc. makes it easier for the puppies as well as their families to settle peacefully together.

Teaching life skills

Even though we always want to protect our small pups, sometimes they find themselves in situations in which they have to help themselves. Proper training provides the pups with the required instructions to respond to emergency situations, such as getting lost, getting hurt etc.

Creating a strong bond

Good training not only ensures a great life ahead for your little pet, but also a good relationship between you and your pup. Through a proper training programme, your pet may come to understand you better, as you get to know your pup’s needs as well.

Enriching the life

Not unlike little kids, pups also need their brains stimulated in order to maintain all-round growth. Training your pup ensures that it gets the right amount of physical and mental exercise that would keep it engaged.

Ensuring more freedom

Since puppies do not like being on the leash, it is often expected of you that your little pet will be allowed to explore the outdoors on its own. However, it is extremely unsafe to let a puppy wander away from its owner without proper training. Regular training ensures more freedom for your pup, as it also allows you to sit back and relax, as your puppy finds out more about its surroundings on its own.

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